About Us

Bexley Moorings Project was established in 1981 and now enjoys widespread recognition and support in the local community. We are a registered charity working in the London Borough of Bexley to provide effective support for vulnerable young people, with the help of volunteers.

We are an early intervention support service that offers one-to-one befriending and specific group sessions to young people, aged 8-17, who may be experiencing material or emotional deprivation, in crises, at risk or have a caring responsibility.

Each young person is individually assessed for suitability, including willingness to join the programme, so we can tailor the support needed.


Our volunteer befrienders work on a one-to-one basis and offer focused non-judgmental support, positive experiences, advice and an adult role model. Through befriending young people grow in confidence and positively change their behaviour.


We have recently started a new resilience group (CRISP) for young people who may be struggling with engagement in the local community, education or peer relationships which is either already impacting or may i future have an impact on their lives and prospects.

IAPTS / CBT – Anxiety Counselling

We offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), talking therapy with clear goals and works towards solutions.

One of our therapists will help you identify problem areas that you would like to focus on and help you to understand how you are thinking and its effect on feelings or behaviours.  This form of therapy offers the opportunity to look at reacting in a positive way to challenges which may make you feel better.   Once therapy is finished you can continue to use the techniques that you have learned on your own.  CBT sessions usually last around an hour, and take place in a comfortable, private setting.

Additional Work

Longlands School funds a Moorings worker to provide direct parenting support within the school.