Referral Criteria

Before making a referral, please read the appropriate referral criteria below:


Bexley Moorings Project offers support to young people between the age of 10 and 15 years who are isolated and vulnerable and could benefit from a positive adult role model. This project is aimed at early intervention and those who are willing to engage. The service is supported by volunteers who meet the young person for a few hours a week to offer the provision detailed below.

One to one personalised intensive befriending interventions consisting of listening support, positive role modelling and behaviour management.

    Based on a time limited, solution focussed model, with measurable objectives

    Early transition into universal services

Flexibility will remain for those who require longer intervention but a four month intervention will be the norm. The volunteers are supported by a member of the staff team through supervision.

Flexible service around young person and volunteer
No cost to client but has to commit to working towards agreed targets they have set.