What We Do

We support children and young people. 

Bexley Moorings Project is a voluntary sector service which provides support to vulnerable children and young people.  We provide a point of stability in chaotic lives, whether in short term crisis or ongoing problems.  The vulnerable young people (VYP) we support may be experiencing material or emotional deprivation, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, social isolation or bullying.  They may be part of a dysfunctional family.   Their needs are diverse, but our service and support remains dedicated, targeted and effective.

We have provided this service through our Registered Charity as a trusted partner to the London Borough of Bexley for more than thirty years; we play a vital part in the community through our volunteers who are selected and trained to the very highest standards.  We work with and alongside multi-disciplinary agencies to deliver and improve services to VYP.

We support up to 200 children and young people in a year. The majority of this support is delivered by a committed group of around 60 trained volunteers. Our volunteers are supported and guided by three full-time, experienced members of staff. Each member of staff brings their own expert knowledge to the team, helping us to deliver the best possible training and mentoring of our volunteers and the vital support for our young client group’s needs.

Our key outcomes are:

  • Reduce isolation: the support we provide helps prevent or reduce isolation that the vyp often feel.
  • Improve life prospects through engagement with educational outcomes: School attendance of at least two young people supported by befrienders improved by    approximately 40%. Young people supported by us become more interested in their studies and are able to achieve more at school or college.

Improve emotional health: our support leads to a general improvement in their emotional health, reducing the need for further support from more intensive therapeutic support including mental health services.


We provide safe, trusted and effective support to vulnerable children and young people.  We do this by providing opportunities for socially isolated young people to mix with their peer group and trusted adults so that they can reduce feelings of isolation and develop a range of secure and positive relationships. We work with young people at risk of exclusion or already out of school and we work alongside other professionals to deliver support to young people with early or significant signs of emotional distress.  We identify the barriers which prevent young people achieving the five Every Child Matters outcomes.  Strategically, we identify new methods and practices to enhance the support we offer to VYP.

From the first referral, we work with the young person to identify a range of achievable targets, personalised to their needs, and agreed objectives which they can see will impact on the issues facing them.  Progress is monitored through regular reviews including volunteer’s diary sheets and feedback both formal and informal from the VYP, the family and the befriender.

We deploy highly trained volunteers to engage as befrienders on a carefully matched one-to-one basis with VYP; this personalised intensive engagement offers high quality listening support, positive role modelling and behaviour management.

We provide a regular Group programme where VYP can develop social skills, self-esteem and self-confidence through positive activities while the individualised targets address social isolation, interaction difficulties and aggression.

We work with a range of other services and involve the children and VYP who are referred to us in decision-making about their support, designing activities, and the development of the Project.